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Spoiler: I just watched the last Homeland and I really hope they are not going down the 24 route of blaming everything on some convoluted EWG (Evil White Guy) plot. If I know anything about writing tells; I would guess that Dar Adal or Senator Lockhart are behind the CIA terrorist bombing to reform the system or shock the populace into action. I hope I’m wrong.

I just listened to the new Sky Ferreira album and I like some songs, but it was kind of surprising how sugary pop it was. Some tracks I swear if I didn’t know that Sky Ferreira was indie I could imagine being told they were Katy Perry songs.

I read that terrible review from the Washington Post about the new Arcade Fire album. It sounded to me like when I hear jocks make fun of hipsters/artists and how pretentious they are; all the while not really understanding anything. Or when nerds boil down sports to some very technical aspects and miss the whole story or emotions. Anyways there were some lyrics for some of the songs on Reflektor that I really enjoyed and I thought had some contemplative truth to them. Excerpt from Here Comes the Night Time(about Haiti)…

Say, heaven’s a place
Yeah, heaven’s a place and they know where it is
Do you know where it is?
It’s behind the gate, they won’t let you in
When they hear the beat, coming from the street, they lock the door
If there’s no music up in heaven, then what’s it for?

Now the preachers they talk
If you’re looking for Hell, just try looking inside
Here comes the night time, the night time
Here comes the night time, the night time
Here comes the night time, the night time
Here comes the night time, the night time

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